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Nista Online Japanese Class

As part of introducing Japanese culture, Sushinista offers Japanese language classes.
For those who want to develop solid Japanese skills step by step in a small class


Beginning Japanese lesson
by Nishikawa sensei

(Sound → Click at the
bottom right of the video)

Want to learn Japanese?

 At home ! 

Nista Online Japanese Class is for those who:

 Live feedback from the instructor ! 

  • Want to start a new thing

  • ​Like traveling and cultural exchange

  • Have been interested in Japanese but had no chance to study 

  • Want to develop Japanese language skills but have no time to commute

  • Used to take a Japanese class but have not used it for a while

  • Want to have a fun & meaningful language learning experience at an affordable price

  • Want to gain solid Japanese language skills from a qualified teacher

  • Want to learn step by step in a small class

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Course Descriptions

Travel in Japan Series


- Monday 3:45pm-4:45pm monthly

- Available on other dates upon request

Thinking of travelling to Japan? Want to try ordering in Japanese at a restaurant? - and communicating with local people? This is the course for you. The "Travel in Japan Series” introduces basic Japanese phrases when traveling in Japan. You will learn situational expressions, such as how to ask where you are, how to order at a restaurant, and how to ask about prices when shopping, etc. Some cultural aspects will also be introduced. The "Travel in Japan Series” includes a couple of beginning grammar, so you can learn basic Japanese as well !


No textbook required. The instructor will prepare the materials.

Learning Contents

Travel in Japan

  • Greeting expressions

  • Asking the locations (Where is 〜?)  + facility vocabulary

  • Asking if the hotel has 〜 (Do you have 〜?)  + hotel vocabulary

  • Asking what this is at a restaurant (What is this?)  + sushi topping vocabulary

  • Asking the price (How much is this?)  + shopping vocabulary

  • Saying small numbers & big numbers using “yen”

Beginning Japanese Series


Did you know… the Japanese language uses three kinds of characters? They are Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji (Chinese characters). Hiragana and Katakana are Japanese alphabets, which may look like a drawing at first ! The Beginning Japanese Series starts from Hiragana & Katakana and moves on to the development of basic language skills - speaking, reading, and writing. Upon completion of the Beginning Japanese courses, students will be able to read and produce Japanese sentences with Hiragana, Katakana, and a number of Kanji. Kanji characters will be introduced from Lesson 3. 


Genki I (Third Edition)     Textbook & Workbook Set

Learning Contents

Beginning Japanese I 

  • Hiragana & Katakana

  • Introducing ourselves

  • Doing shopping

  • Ordering food

  • Talking about daily activities in the polite form

  • Talking about travel

  • Describing people and things

  • Talking about likes and dislikes

  • Making requests

  • 72 Kanji characters

はじめよう !

Let' start !

Beginning Japanese II 

  • Talking casually about the things in the present & past tense

  • Expressing thoughts and opinions

  • Giving reasons

  • Comparing things and people

  • Talking about future plans and past experiences

  • Making tour reservations

  • Introducing friends to each other

  • Describing symptoms of illness

  • Saying what we can or cannot do

  • 89 new Kanji characters

Pre-Intermediate Japanese Series


The Pre-Intermediate Japanese Series is for those who have knowledge and skills equivalent to the Genki I textbook, or JLPT N5 Level. Students will further develop their ability to speak, read and write Japanese using advanced grammar such as passive verbs and causative verbs. Japanese honorific expressions will also be introduced. The knowledge of Genki I Kanji (145 Kanji characters) is expected. The Pre-Intermediate Japanese will cover up to 172 new Kanji.


Genki II (Third Edition)     Textbook & Workbook Set

Learning Contents

Pre-Intermediate Japanese 

  • Giving and receiving expression

  • Suggesting doing something together

  • Talking about hypothetical situations

  • Showing respect

  • Talking politely with bosses

  • Speaking modestly about ourselves

  • Instructing people to do things

  • Complaining about doing something undesirable

  • 172 new Kanji characters

Course Schedule

(For Beginning Japanese Series)

  • Three terms: Spring (January-April), Summer (May-August), Fall (September-December) 

  • Once per week

  • 1 course 12 weeks

Fall 2023 Courses

(1 course 12 weeks)

Screenshot 2023-06-24 at 6.54.36 PM.png

Approximate Prerequisite for the Course 

Screenshot 2023-08-30 at 9.01.51 PM.png

Not sure about your level?

Please email 

Lesson Tickets

To purchase lesson tickets, please go to Sushinista Online Order Site.

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* Share your tickets with friends/family and save more !

How to use lesson tickets for Beginning & Pre-Intermediate Japanese courses:

Use your lesson tickets for any course you want to take. For example,

  •  Introduction to Japanese: 12 weeks

  •  Introduction to Japanese & Beginning I-I: 24 weeks (12 + 12 weeks)

  •  Beginning I-III & Beginning II-I & Beginning II-II: 36 weeks (12 + 12 + 12 weeks)


Click            Sushinista Online Order Site 

  1.  Select "Schedule for later" and click Update or Start Order button at the bottom

  2.  At the very bottom of the online order page, you can find “NISTA JAPANESE LANGUAGE CLASS”

  3.  Select your ticket

  4.  At the Checkout, please disregard the tip section

  5.  Once your payment is complete, the description of the class including the textbook information will be sent to your email address

  • The lesson tickets are not refundable. If you cannot attend class, please contact the instructor at least 24 hours before the class starts. A recording of the lesson will be available if you cannot attend the class.

  • Not in the US?
    Please contact You cannot make a payment on Sushinista's website. 

Instructor: Takako Nishikawa



Teaching in the Bay Area
since 2009 

Born in Kyoto Japan, Takako Nishikawa has always been interested in cultural exchange and gained a national license as a tour guide from the Japanese government. 

Takako received her B.A. in Law from Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan. She earned her M.A. in Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language from San Francisco State University with the title of distinguished student. She also passed Japanese-Language Teaching Competency Test administered by the Japan Educational Exchanges and Services.

Takako has been teaching Japanese to a wide range of age groups from children to university students to adults in the Bay Area since 2009. It includes San Francisco State University, UC Berkeley, Diablo Valley College, and Japan Society of Northern California. 

Students Feedback 

You made me feel confident enough to speak.
Even if I made some mistakes, I was able to just laugh and move forwards. The only thing I would change is
to have longer classes :)

(Introduction to Japanese)

This was a wonderful experience for me.

I loved learning about the radicals and the gaining more insight into use of particular words, e.g., から, because both help me move toward better understanding of Japanese.
(Beginning Kanji)

Course design that motivates me

to speak freely can conquer fear of speaking Japanese. 
      (Beginning Japanese I-III)

Questions? OR Tutor Inquiries? 

Let’s make friends while studying Japanese!


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